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TMDHosting is a US based company that has data centers in Texas, Arizona and two in Illinois. They also opened a data center in Amsterdam for their international customers. While they have only been open since 2007, they have grown quickly and are continuing to attract new customers every day. They have hosting packages at all levels, but they seem to focus most of their effort on the VPS and dedicated options.

Even their one shared hosting option provides a lot of great features that customers will like. You will have good, reliable hosting with a lot of great perks when you go with this company. They appear to be a privately owned company, which many customers will like, and given the rate of growth, it seems that they are doing quite well.

Uptime & Reliability

They guarantee no downtime for all their hosting packages. It is not immediately clear what happens if your site does go down, but with most of these guarantees you will be required to submit a ticket and you will be given credits toward your next bill. Their data centers are all well maintained and even have military grade security on site 24/7 to ensure everything is well protected.

This may seem like overkill to many people, but it is a nice little perk. All the data centers also have backup power supplies and internet connections to help ensure you don’t have any unwanted downtime.


No matter which of their hosting packages you choose, you will get a nice suite of great features included at the baser price. For example, even the shared servers are run off of solid state drives, which can be very important for fast response times and reliability. You’ll also get free backups, free ‘no-downtime’ site transfers and much more.

While they only have one shared hosting package, it is quite a good one. It includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL accounts and much more. Even though the features are very nice, the price for this package is still right around what you would expect for an entry level shared hosting package.

Their VPS and dedicated servers all provide you with all the great features you will need to host any type of site. This includes cPanel, site transfers, high-end hardware and much more. They also offer cloud hosting and reseller options for those who need it.

The bottom line with this hosting company is that just about everything you will need is included right in your package. This is nice because it makes it so you know what your monthly bill is going to be right up front. They do offer some higher end features for the extra money, but the vast majority of customers won’t require these.


The support you will get from this company is quite good. They offer a 15 minute response time guarantee for any technical issues you are having, and they typically are able to fix problems right away. The one downside is that they don’t offer phone support or live chat options, which many customers will find off-putting.


No matter which of their many hosting packages you get, you will feel that you are getting a fair price based on the services you get. The one exception to this is their shared server option, which is actually priced lower than what most people would expect, given what you get. That being said, it is still a bit more expensive than many entry level packages at other companies, so if you don’t need any special features, this may not be the right option.

tmdhosting review

Short Summary

Great hosting for virtually all customers

The overall hosting services are all very good. They do focus on higher end options, but even entry level sites can get a great package here that will work well for them. The fact that they are still a relatively new company makes it even more impressive that they are growing so fast and have such great facilities and services to offer.


  • Excellent hosting packages
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to upgrade or downgrade hosting packages
  • multiple data centers to choose from


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In an Overall TMD Hosting seems to have a Well Review all around the Web. It’s a Cost-Effective and Very Powerful Hosting Service that I have ever used in my Life. Hope this post would have been cleared all your doubts regarding their Service. If you find this article helpful, Please Spread this article to the World by Sharing this in Social Media Web Sites.

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