How to choose a Web host ? An Expert Answer

If you’re a Beginner to the World of Blogging. Either you may have experience in Tubing nor not. This question (How to choose a Web Host ?) is a Most common question to most of the Persons (Including Professional Bloggers..,). This post will be giving you a Basic Idea of Choosing a Hosting Provider.

So, Let’s get started.


The answer for the Question depends on what you need from your site. Figuring out the best host will be dependent on your budget, your business, and your target market. I have some tips for rooting out the best from the rest:

Cost – What you pay for is what you get; the quality you can expect from your hosting platform often comes down to the cost. Companies that offer lower entry prices will make back their money at your expense! Hosting providers that offer ‘unlimited’ this and that should be avoided as that is purely a marketing ploy – there are always limits.

Cheaper hosts may advertise exceptionally low prices, but the renewal fees are far higher than expected. These hosts may even go on to sell your personal information on auction off your recently removed domain!

Services – Does a host have the most up to date WordPress and PHP versions or the latest MySQL? If it is a WordPress site, then WordPress specific hosting will take you farther than general web hosting. If you are planning to move from one host to another, will they offer site migrations and will they charge?

Performance – Is a hosting provider known for their load speed? How do their speed test results look? How will your website manage during traffic spikes? Some Hosting providers are designed to facilitate high traffic volumes more than others. Downtime is another serious concern, research your host’s downtime history through customer feedback.

Customer Support – Having a responsive tech support team is vital, too many companies have support staff that either dodge the question or bounce their customers around. Does your host have Live Chat? Do they only operate by telephone? Do they have support tickets and service requests through email? How quickly can they respond? It is crucial to be able to reach customer support when you need it.

Email – Does your Hosting platform provide email? Is there an additional cost? Is their email integrated with the domain or does it require a third party? How easy is it to access and manage your email?

Security – Most hosting companies offer malware scans and other such services. Some will charge for more advanced security, while bottom-dollar hosts will charge for basic security. Does your hosting provider offer SSL Certificates and are they free? SSL Certificates will be crucial for sites moving into 2017, as Google will label sites without SSL as ‘unsafe’ and lower their ranking.

Reputation – Seeking out independent reviews, as well as customer reviews, can offer valuable insight into the practicalities and day-to-day experiences of real customers. Does the host display testimonials on their site? A simple Google search can offer up page after page of bad reviews for certain companies.

Communication – A limited visitor count very often results in your site being taken down at the provider’s behest without notice. Other issues may cause downtime or similar problems. In these situations, how does will your host correspond with you? Impersonal emails and offhand support messages can make you feel stranded, whereas they should be reaching out to you with support and advice.

My personal recommendations would be, Fastcomet, TMDHosting and since they are reliable, Supportive, and fits for all the boxes listed above.

I hope that this post would be helping You 🙂 If you have any doubts, Shoot me out an Comment. Thanks!!

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