Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 Review

Welcome to India’s Biggest Technology Review Center Site4Help.com. In this article, I will be Reviewing about Micromax’s Recent Release and the most Cheapest Laptop on the Market. The Product that I gonna review today is Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160

Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160

Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 Review

Very Recently (or) in later 2016, Micromax introduced some array of Laptops. One of those Laptop is “Canvas Lapbook L1160”. This laptop became Popular because of the Most Competitive Price in the Market. I gonna discuss about Many Pros and Cons of this Particular Laptop in this Post.

The Feature that I always start with is the Processor. This Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 has Intel Atom Z3735F Processor. The Processor has Maximum Clock Speed of 1.83GHz x 4. It’s a bit drawback, But not a Complete DrawBack. This Processor is absolutely only for Production uses like Game Development or Application Development. This Laptop may be used to do Data Entry Jobs, Playin GTA Vice City or Liberty City. The Processor of this Phone seems very Near to Infocus Bingo 21 Mobile.

The Second Feature that I want to Review is Battery. This Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 has 4100Mah Battery(Mah Refers to Milli-Ampere Hours). If this Laptop is Used wisely then it’s Battery will last for about 4 Hour and Ten Minutes.  It has a Stand-Up time of 10 Hours Too. Please Note: It Depends on your Usage

The third Feature that I want to Review is Weight. When it comes to Laptop, Considering it Weight is the Most Important Factor. In an Average Most Laptops have 1 KG of Weight. This Laptop’s Weight is 1.13 KG. It sounds great!! Its an  Ideal Product for those who Travel a Lot (Ie., Sales Persons & Civil Engineers).

The Forth Feature is RAM. Please understand Processor is Different from Random Accessible Memory. Many people usually think that the Speed of the Computer/ Laptop/ Mobile Relies on a RAM. But it is Completely Wrong! The Speed of the Applications and the Working/Backend Process of a Laptop depends completely on the Processor that your laptop has. The function of RAM is to store the data’s before you store it to your ROM/ Hard Disk. For Example: If you’re typing a Word Document, The text you Write and its format are stored in RAM. When you save it to Hard-Disk, The Data stored on RAM is Transferred to Hard Drive. So, Please try to Differentiate Both and don’t confuse yourselves by hearing words of Computer Service Mens. This Laptop has 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Which is ideally fit for 70% of the IT Peoples. Please Note: Higher amount of RAM is Required to do Professional Activitiess like Developing Applications and Games. If you do these kind of Activities/ Profession, I personally Prescribe you to buy a loptop with atleast 4 GB of DDR3 RAM.

The fifth feature that I gonna rate is Storage/ROM. Storage/ROM is the most Important factor that is to be Considered while Purchasing a New Laptop. This laptop has a Very Low Storage Capacity of 32GB. In which the OS files will take atleast 2GB, So, the remaining 30 GB is only to be considered as the Storage Capacity that we get or the Storage Capacity that may be Consumed. With that 30GB, The most Important Applications like Chrome, MS Office and CCleaner will take about 500MB Approximately. So with the Remaining Storage, You can have 20 HD Movies Downloaded and Stored. Even though it’s Inbuilt Capacity is Very Low, You can expand it upto 64 GB with SD Card. So if it’s totally Harnessed, You will have 92 GB Storage Space Consumable. This is not a Drawback but the one you should remember before Purchasing.

The Sixth Feature that I want to Review is the Connectivity. This Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 has both Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity Inbuilt. So there is no need of any External Adapters/Receivers for Bluetooth and Wifi.

The Seventh Feature that I’m going to Review is Screen Size (Display). This laptop has a 11.6″ (Inch) Display and its Maximum Display Resolution is 1366×768. It’s the same Specification that many Laptops on the Market has. It’s an Ideal Display for mostly all Persons of all Genres.

The Eighth and most Important Factor that I’m going to Review is Available Ports. Did you ever noticed Number of Pins/Slots to Insert a Pen drive? The number of such available slots in a PC/Laptop is called Available Ports. This Laptop has 2 Pendrive Slots, 1 HDMI Slot and there is 1 LAN/ Ethernet Cable Slot. The available slots in this Laptop s enough for all genres of work. The Available Ports are enough if you use it wisely.

The Ninth Important Rating Factor is OS. This Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 is bundled with Win 10. Does it Sounds good for you? For me it is. Because as a Developer, I need a Higher Version of Windows to Install Visual Studio. But there are also few Drawbacks. If you have your current PC with Win 8, 75% of Applications that run on Windows are Optimized for that Version. A recent Statistics says that only 30% of Windows Applications are optimized for Win 10. But don’t worry, All leading Software Cos have launched an Win 10 ready Version of their Software. Only some Opensource Solutions haven’t released an Win 10 Optimized Installer. But when the time mvoes on, all applications will be released for Win 10.

Key Features of Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160:

  1. It has enough Available Ports for a Common Man’s use
  2. It has Integrated Graphics
  3. It has 4100 mAh Battery
  4. It is light in weight (1.13 KG)
  5. It has good Resolution (1366×768)


This Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 is the Most Cheapest Laptop that you could buy in the Market. It has all Functionality and Workability which is worth for 10K. This Laptop has all Basic Components and with this laptop you can do basic Works like Data Entry. It’s not Suggested for those who do Professional Activities like Game/ Application Development. please note that it doesn’t has a DVD Drive. If you need it So, then you can buy External CD Drive and use it with it. Final Rating : Value For Money

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