Top WHMCS Alternatives 2017

Hey There, I am Kavin from In this post I will be showing you the Best and Top Alternatives to WHMCS in 2017. You may probably in search for WHMCS Alternatives due to recent Pricing Revision done by WHMCS Ltd. and I am Damn Sure that you will get the best Answer for Your Search.

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Let’s Go!!



Do you need a Hosting Platform which looks good as WHMCS? Then the best option for you is Blesta. Blesta looks very similar to WHMCS. But not Only Looks, It has most of the Functionalities that WHMCS have and even more Functionalities that are not in WHMCS. Also Blesta is an Opensource Project, You may add additional functionalities by hiring a Freelancer through Upwork or Guru or by your IT Team. It’s Key Features include :

  • Its a Multi-Currency Machine
  • Email to open ticket (Similar to WHMCS)
  • Multi-Company Support (Similar to WordPress MultiSite, but in Single Dashboard)
  • Multi-Language Support
  • It Can be Integrated with many Payment Gateways
  • Etc.,



Whenever it comes to Business, Customer Support is the most important factor. As far as I searched their Website, I could figure out that HostBill lacks Customer Support Feature. This is the only factor which made me to Rank this Program in #2 Place. HostBill Lacks many essential ones to run a Hosting Company (Ie., Announcements and Knowledgebase). HostBill doesn’t have an inbuilt Affiliate Program, You need to use an External Application to have that so. HostBill has no Developer Forum or Plugin Marketplace which makes hard for Hosting Cos. to improve its functionality. If your run a WebHosting Company which only sells cPanel Hosting Account, Then this would be for you. It has inbuilt ResellerClub, eNom, PayPal and Stripe Integration.




BoxBilling is the only Alternative Solution that I love to use. You may ask me “Then Why you have listed it in the First place??”. I have the Answer, But before that, I would like to list its Pros. BoxBilling has an inbuilt affiliate System. It has Ticket Support System. It will support cPanel by Default. It has inbuilt Announcement Section and Knowledgebase Section. It doesn’t need you to do any work on WHM even for creating Packages. You can do everything from the Dashboard of BoxBilling. It has inbuilt 9 Payment Gateway Support. The only drawback in this Application is, It has some Payment Bugs. Ahh, It means all the above features are useless. But when it comes to features I am listing it. If you’re a PHP Developer you can create an Integration Plugin and test whether it works.


Please note that No other Solutions other than WHMCS has such a big Developer Community and Volunteers. So that, No other Solution can give you exact functionality as WHMCS. WHMCS has tons of Plugins, Addon Modules & Live Chat Modules. So no other applications can replace its Functionality and User Friendliness.

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