Getting Ready on SEO Fundamentals


Don’t waste your time in searching Free SEO Tutorials or downloading SEO books in PDF. This blog will help you lean SEO with simple to understand Step by Step SEO learning.

Why have I created this Blog?

This blog is for those who are serious about learning Various things of Internet but many of them don’t have enough time to attend SEO classes or they are already working in SEO industry and unable to find advanced SEO tips, guides, books and tutorials to improve their SEO knowledge.

This SEO Tutorial is for beginners who are new to the field of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a complex process and if you are new to the world of SEO, it can be difficult for you to understand and learn SEO without understanding fundamentals of SEO.

There are many SEO techniques and SEO strategies which you will have to understand before you can successfully implement SEO and manage ranking.

In this SEO Fundamentals article, I will cover all those basic topics and terms which you will have to understand while you are learning SEO.

Remember: Search Engine Optimization is very complex and learning SEO without proper training and practice is very difficult. If you are planning to build your career in SEO or Digital marketing then I would recommend you to join formal SEO training to learn SEO in systematic way


SEO is short form of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization means, getting your website on first page of search engine result page when a visitors is searching for specific topic or a keyword.

The process involved in getting website on first page of search engines like Google and Bing is known as SEO.

SEO is used for generating organic traffic on website.

Here you will find more detail about What is SEO?


SEO process is step by step action plan required to implement SEO on any website or a blog. Actual SEO process may depend on website type, business need, competition etc.


SEO and SEM is a concept. Both belongs to Digital Marketing. SEM is a broader strategy which is known as Search Engine Marketing while SEO is part of Search Engine Marketing. As I explained above, SEO is used for getting organic visitors to website.

SEM includes SEO or Paid Ads like PPC or Goole Adwords Campaign.

Many SEO books or trainers are still confused about SEO and SEM. Some people say SEM is PPC or Adwords.

Actually, SEM is like father while SEO and PPC (Google Adwords) are children of SEM.


Many students ask me this question about White Hat, Black hat SEO.

They are concepts and name given to the techniques used for improving ranking and traffic.

First thing you must understand about SEO is, you don’t have to pay any search engine to get top ranking. To achieve top ranking in search engines like Google, you must follow guidelines provided by search engines.

White Hat SEO is all about getting website on first page of Google using right techniques and best practices.


Black Hat SEO refers to getting top ranking by not following right techniques and best practices. Black Hat SEO involves many such techniques which may get you temporary ranking but you may not be able to maintain those rankings for long-term.

Here you can find more details about Black Hat SEO


If you read my books or blogs, I aways say that websites are like books. Website is created by connecting pages to each other using links.

On page optimization means making optimization on pages of website. Making changes in title, description, content, layout, adding proper content etc. On page optimization also includes site structure and internal linking.

You can find more details about How to plan website structure for SEO in my upcoming Book which you can download from our website.

Keywords are what drive the visitors to your website. For example, if you are selling old books, you will want to have “Old Books” placed strategically in your content, including your title tags and meta descriptions.

However, you will also want to know how your target audience searches for ‘Old Books’. That’s why it is important to do keyword research.

Title tags & meta descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are very important to your site. Title tags make you stand out in SERPs, while meta descriptions endear the content to Google’s algorithms. Without title tags and meta descriptions your content will not be optimized.

Know your competitors and do marketing research

To develop effective strategies, it is important to understand your competitor’s SEO approach. Similarly, understanding your audience is also important to fit into your market.

Develop effective Content

Now that you have the knowledge of the keywords, you can structure your site’s content to attract your target audience. The content has to be really effective and attractive to hold the interest of the visitors. After you have structured the right content, it can then be disseminated across the internet with social media tools, to strengthen your digital marketing efforts.


SEO is not just an approach; it’s a finely tuned art that takes time for results to come in. Mistakes can happen along the way, but it is important to be patient and learn from your previous mistakes. traffic will come in your direction and you can achieve the success you have always dreamt of.

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