How to get rid of Constipation Naturally?

Hi Guys, Today we Just created a Category called “Health” and we are ready to post the solution of top 25 problems that 90% of people Has.

We may imagine that You’re an IT Professional, You may not have time to take regular Exercises that make your body fit. Not only IT field but many peoples of different Professions are suffering with Fat. In this Tutorial we are going to show an Acupuncture Point and a Homeopathic medicine that will cure your Constipation. We’re sure that this will resolve your Problem instantly within 1-4 Days of regular Practice.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the healing method that is being Practiced in China. Homeo Medicines was discovered in Western Countries and its one of the most resulting Practice of Medicine. Homeo Uses only Natural Extracts to prepare the medicine and no sterile’s are used.



3 cun above the Joint that joins our Forearm and palm. The point is located on the back of Palm.


Chinese Name of this Point : Zhi Gou

Usage : Use this point 3 Times till you get rid of Constipation.

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