What is VPS?

The VPS alternative is often chosen by small businesses that need a customized Web site but cannot afford a dedicated server. Another useful aspect of VPS technology is the ability of a single subscriber to maintain multiple websites in a Single Server.


When Should I Upgrade to VPS?

We may imagine that you own a WordPress blog in a Shared Hosting. You may or may not know that Shared Hosting means all Resources in the Computer is shared with 1000’s of Users. To Say in┬ásimple words “It’s sold to more People than that of its Maximum Capacity”. In such a┬ásituation, if your site becomes Larger, then the server or CPU may not function Properly due to limited Resources and results with an error “Yourblog.com took long to respond” by Chrome or Firefox. So in this situation bloggers are in need of a Solution with Dedicated Resources that is not shared with any other and the solution is called “VPS”.

Where can I find a Good Host?Whom do you Recommend?

Site4Help.com is currently relied on VPS from Hosting.co.in due to their Friendly Support Systems. We recommend to go with Hosting.co.in, DigitalOcean, Linode, Limestone Networks, ServerMania or even the VPS provided by your current Host.



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