Making Payment to Paypal with Indian Debit Card

Howdy ! Today I have come with a Good NEWS for Indian SBI Debit Card Holders and all other Debit Card Holders !! Can anyone of you can pay via PayPal or Google Wallet Now? 90% of Answer is “Absolutely Not” but now I have found a Well working Technique/Trick to do that so !!


Let’s See How its :

Some of us know that an Indian Card has two Step Authentication and Western Cards have One Step Authentication such that we are not able to pay Via Google Wallet & PayPal, But there is a Trick hidden here. Guess what’s it. If a Card is created in Western Zone with the money in an Indian Nationalised/Private Bank then what we can pay without any Struggles. After a long term of Research, I have a Proven Solution, I don’t want to make you wait anymore and lets enter into the topic.

Can a Virtual Debit Card fulfill our needs? Virtual Card refers to a card that is Virtually Created in other words a Computer Generated Digital Card that cannot be printed Physically but can be used Electronically. Little Confused? If we move on you will be clear.

I think you will be having the Questions, How its Possible? but there is a way called Entropay

EntroPay has an API that can process an Indian Debit/Credit Card (Edit : RuPay card cannot be used here) and convert it into a Virtual Card that is created in Western Country. This is fully Powered by Bank of Valletta, pursuant to a license from Visa Europe. So what happens now? You just need to signup with their services –> Recharge your Account –> Use the Virtual Card wherever you wanna use it.

Site4Help Team also asks you not to store the amount in card for times, Recharge only the amount of money that you need to pay and empty it instantly as the cards have a Very shorter life, Expiry date will be set for below next 6 Months and after that, it cannot be retrieved.

With thanks for reading, Site4Help says you a bye and we will come with a new Post Tomorrow !!

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