Facebook Advertisement Methods for Acquisition

Facebook is a Word that almost me & You hear at least 10 Times a Day. Marketing in Such a huge Platform is Worthable. Moreover, Unlike Google, Facebook Charges just Rs.200-300 (3-4$) for reaching 3000 Peoples. So marketing in Facebook is Worth of Spending more Time & Energy. In one of our Last Promotion, We used the below-spoken Techniques to get 1455 Likes when we Reached only 1500 through that Promotion…. Read Article →

Is 404 Errors Good for your Website?

When it comes to Web Designing Niche, We all come across few Common Error Codes. One of them is 404. People say 2 Opinions on 404 Errors. One kind of People says 404 is Harmful to SEO. One Kind of People says 404 will not Change Ranking. In this post, I Gonna reveal which one is true. Ideally, For now, we need to Take account of Google’s Algorithms too to know whether 404 Errors… Read Article →

How to make money online?

There are many ways to make Money Online. Many big Companies like Google & Amazon lets you make money Online. Still most of us believe Scams that say that “Start making 1000$ a Day”. If such things are really possible, No one is going to share. Ways to make money 💰 Most usually people search for many things on the Internet. I hope everyone includes me and you too. So… Read Article →

Bluehost Review

Purchasing Servers always need many investigations. For assisting you in that Process, Here’s our Review for BlueHost.com There are many Web Hosting Companies out there. Finding the Best from it always need some Work to be Done. I hope you Agree with it. To make this process simple, I have made that Work done for you. Bluehost is lasting on this Industry for last 20 Years and having a High… Read Article →

Best cPanel Alternative in 2017

cPanel is one of the Most Popular Names of the web. Finding Alternative for cPanel is Quite Hard for Beginners. On top of all, No one knows even the  Name of Few cPanel Alternatives. No more it’s. That’s why I have written this Awesome Article. By Reading this, I’m sure that you will be free of Confusions in Control Panel Sector. What is cPanel? cPanel is a Revolutionary Application made… Read Article →

Creating a Payment Gateway

Hello Guys, You’re probably in this Page because you are searching or looking forward to Creating your own Payment Gateway. Am I right? If right let’s move on to the Topic. Before we consider How to do it, Let me talk a Bit before to explain whether its legal or Not. Is that Legal? In most of the Countries, It’s not an illegal Act if you use your Brain. Yes, Process… Read Article →

Creating your Own TLD!!

Yes you can do that. Google has its own Domain extension .google and even JIO has .jio . It’s possible. The only thing that you need is at least 3 Million USD for this. I’m not joking but its true. If you’re in idea to create a Domain Extension and to sell that, You need to pay ICANN fee, You need to have own DNS Servers, You need to have… Read Article →

TMDHosting Review

TMDHosting is a US based company that has data centers in Texas, Arizona and two in Illinois. They also opened a data center in Amsterdam for their international customers. While they have only been open since 2007, they have grown quickly and are continuing to attract new customers every day. They have hosting packages at all levels, but they seem to focus most of their effort on the VPS and… Read Article →

GoDaddy Review – Honest to the Core Judgement

GoDaddy was established back in 1997 by Robert “Bob” Parsons, after changing its name from Jomax Technologies, when web hosting was not as sought after as it is today. With a lot of experience under its belt, GoDaddy has had a long history of domain hosting over the past 20 years before moving into WordPress hosting. GoDaddy has expanded enormously; today it has over 63 million domains registered and is among… Read Article →

How to choose a Web host ? An Expert Answer

If you’re a Beginner to the World of Blogging. Either you may have experience in Tubing nor not. This question (How to choose a Web Host ?) is a Most common question to most of the Persons (Including Professional Bloggers..,). This post will be giving you a Basic Idea of Choosing a Hosting Provider. So, Let’s get started. The answer for the Question depends on what you need from your… Read Article →